Bound by Honor by Cora Reilly

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I didn’t know I was such a sucker for mafia romance until I started this series, now I’m just OBSESSED with these books and characters.

Aria is chosen to marriage when she was 15 years old to Luca Vitiello, the heir and future Capo of the New York mob. (Yes, she was just a kid, but they waited 3 years to make it official)

They come from a world where feelings don’t matter and no choices were given, even less to women. So Aria knew she had to put her big girl panties on and marry a ruthless and commanding man, the future Capo of the New York mob, to honor her family and to keep both families safe from the Russian and Taiwanese mobs.

Love and trust are two things that Luca is not familiar with, this marriage for him is just part of the business, nothing more, nothing less. That’s until he gets to know his beautiful, young and innocent bride. She’s afraid of him (and she has reasons to), but in their wedding night promises were made, secrets shared and Luca was more than ready to make her his, but he was also willing to wait, because he rather had her for pleasure and not fear.

Their relationship was a battle between falling in love making their marriage a real one and playing their parts just being together for honor and respect.

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