Broken Knight by L.J. Shen

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“Know what the problem with your generation is? You refuse to understand that love has a price. That’s what makes it significant, pungent, rich. It costs you anger, jealousy, heartbreak, time, money, health…”

This was such an emotional and intense book. The fact that my anxiety and all the hype around this book started months ago didn’t help at all. First of all I just want to say this story was written beautifully and perfectly as only L.J does it, so all my respects to her and her magnificent genius mind. I loved how her words broke me throughout all the book until that final blow that made me bawl like a baby, but in the end she made everything all right in the world again (almost). I cried, I swooned, cried again, laughed, laughed while crying (thank you Dean, only you can do that)…anyways you get the point. The fact is that I recommend this book 100% just be prepared for the rollercoaster of emotions that is Broken Knight.

I love like Luna grew up so much from her previous appearances in the other books, she fought for herself and the people she cared and loved until she found her voice to speak and stand up for herself, and now she’s the strong woman I knew she could be.

We always saw Knight as this funny, flirty and put together boy, and he was all that, but on the inside he was hurting from the bad and unfair things life threw his way with his family and with Luna, he didn’t know how to handle the pain in the best way, the only way he knew how to relieve the pain in his heart was hurting himself

Even though their journey wasn’t the easiest one, they went through some tough and painful situations, misunderstandings that could’ve been avoided, but the most important thing is that they both grew from that and learned from their mistakes, they helped each other heal in the most difficult times in their life, especially Knight’s.

This book gives you a perfect look at reality, while most of it is fiction you get to see that not everything is a fairytale and sometimes life happens, it sucks and it’s painful but it’s life, and if this story taught me something is that we need to make the most out of life because we don’t have all the time in the world.

For me this book is a 4,5 stars, although I didn’t like the epilogue that much, it felt like everything was rushed and some things extremely forced, I love how everything finally fit into pieces. So, once again thank you for giving us this story.


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