Even When I’m Gone by Nicole Fiorina

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5 stars aren't enough for Ollie and Mia.

You know it’s a great book when it has been a week since you finished and you’re still not over it and couldn’t stop thinking about it every day since then. What an emotional and epic rollercoaster was this book. I had to take a few days to catch up with my feelings and I don’t really know how to write this review, I don’t know how to put everything I’m still feeling into words. This story is so unique and exceptionally amazing. Nicole has managed to become one of my favorite author in such a short amount of time, she can literally touch your soul with her words. The way this story is written is so epic, it was a whole experience.

The story between Mia and Ollie is so tragically beautiful and dark, they go through so many things, their love get tested at every turn they take. In every chapter I was on the edge of my seat wanting to know what would happen next, feeling like I couldn’t trust anyone in there.

Every character has their own struggles and I could feel for them, even the bad guys (almost). Every word is delivered with a purpose and it’s just pure magic.

"Every way, we’d fit without flaw. Her body was my kingdom come. Her divine kiss was my salvation. Her soul was mine’s paradise. Mia was my evermore. And I’d known since the moment my soul felt hers."

The fact that in this book we get Ollie’s POV, makes it even more real, being in his head, knowing his thoughts and what he was truly feeling and suffering made me connect with his character on a whole new level. We get to see how he fights so hard for himself, for Mia and their love and even for the ones he cares about.

"His love pumped through my veins, even when he was gone because we were bound together by something much bigger."

The evolution of Mia since we met her in Stay With Me is so admirable, she’s so strong, even after getting so many blows thrown at her, the way she fights so hard against everything that kept happening to her, but even after all that she was still standing like a warrior.

Even When I’m Gone was really an epic emotional rollercoaster that got me feeling so much for these characters that I love so so so much, they’re a part of me now and will stay with me for the rest of my life. The darkness, the subjects touched, the poetic way it’s written, EVERY SINGLE THING in this book is just perfect and I won’t stop recommending it. This masterpiece is definitely in my top read for this year.

“We’re not out of the woods yet, but let’s kiss in the leaves while we’re here.”—Oliver Master

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