Gorgeous by Kristy Marie

by books and moods

"The tree is my body. The roots are my family. The phoenix, my rebirth, burning away the demons that haunt my soul. I’m starting over. I’m rising from the ashes. I’m letting go. And I’m going to make all of them proud."

I fell in love with Cade in Commander, and after finally reading his story, I can say that I love him even more now.

I’m happy that Cade had his HEA, especially after all the things he had to endure, to finally let the guilt go over his past in the military and to be with the woman he loved. Breck was this hilarious little thing that no matter how much of an asshole Cade was being towards hers, she didn’t gave up on him and helped him heal. After everything she went through with her family she still was a strong and selfless woman. I loved them together, their back and forth and their banter

This story was sweet, made me laugh (*cough* Theo *cough*) and it had moments that made me feel for Cade and his guilt over his past. I really loved every time the gang got together, I can’t wait to read all of their stories, they already feel like family.


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