Stay With Me by Nicole Fiorina

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“And If one day I don’t recognize you, I’ll love you anyway.”

Opposites attract right? That’s science. What happens when a girl with a past so traumatic and painful to the point she doesn’t feel anything meets a boy with an equal heavy sad past that left him feeling too much? A great love story, that’s what happens. This book is dark, painful and beautiful, but it’s so much more than just a love story, it touches some heavy subjects that are real and raw.

Mia is sent to an abroad reformatory/collage by her father and her stepmother after some troubled she’s caused during her teenage years. She believes she’s a sociopath and that she’s not capable of feeling any emotion. In this place she meets Ollie, he’s a boy with such a beautiful soul, but he was diagnosed with a disorder exactly opposite to Mia’s, he feels too much. The chemistry and the connection between them is captivating, the way Ollie helped Mia heal from her dark past and see her for what she really was, the way he knocked all of her walls down and the way he loved her was magical, he was also the light in everyone’s life. Sadly something bad happens in the end that makes us see another side of Ollie, something that is beyond his control.

This is Nicole Fiorina debut novel and I’m so glad she asked me to read her book, her writing style is beyond amazing, I connected with these characters in a level that I could feel their pain, and sometimes I just wanted to hug them and protect them from everything bad. I really liked this book and cannot wait for the second part, I already feel it’s going to be darker and more emotional. To anyone reading this, please read this book because it’s beyond amazing.

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